Affiliate Membership

If you already own a studio or academy and would like to add Wing Chun Do to your list of credentials, or if you wish to start a new Wing Chun Do Affiliate Academy, here is a great opportunity to add this exemplary art to your school's list of services and offerings. You'll receive access to a library of video tutorials (available for download or streaming). You'll also receive a fully-codified written curriculum with supporting charts, graphics and syllabus.  You will also be eligible to attend both group and individual training camps. 

Your request to become an Affiliate Member expresses your desire to learn and spread the art and science of Wing Chun Do to your students and instructors. Click on the Contact Us button and fill out the form below to get more information regarding how you can become part of the Wing Chun Do family of Expert Instructors.


Ambrose Academy of Wing Chun Do, Livonia, MI

James Calvin: Fredericksburg,VA

Brett MacNeil: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Doug Tritton: Brisbane, Australia

Pete Jay: Crow's Roost - Seattle, WA

John MacKenzie: Seattle, WA

William Ortner: Livonia, MI

Welcome to our newest Affiliate Instructor-In-Training Jeff Blanton!