Wing Chun Do

Associate / Affiliate Introduction

Sijo (founder) Grandmaster James W. DeMile created Wing Chun Do (WCD) Gung fu and the WCD Association network in 1975, based on his experiences as an original student, friend and training partner of the legendary Bruce Lee. 

Wing Chun Do is a complete martial art, created by James DeMile, based on his experiences as friend, student and training partner of the legendary Bruce Lee.  WCD is a simple, efficient and practical self-defense system, accessible to everyone – regardless of age, size or physical condition. WCD consists of eight rank levels, covering and clarifying a wide variety of essential self-defense skills including:

  • The physics behind our unique body mechanics
  • The efficiency of our nine critical perimeters concept
  • The mechanics of closing the gap
  • Ten sources of power
  • Ten types of speed
  • The logic of reading motion
  • The science of intuitive response (subliminal perception)
  • The art of non-telegraphic motion
  • Practical shoot/grappling defenses
  • Multiple-attacker strategies
  • Empty-hand weapons defenses

The World Headquarters is Ambrose Academy of Wing Chun Do in Livonia, Michigan, now headed by Rocco Ambrose (Inheritor and Si tai gung [Grandmaster]). Today there are training associates around the World, united by the family spirit and camaraderie that are the essence of this martial art. Go to the Associate or Affiliate pages to see a list of members.

Sijo James DeMile, Sigung Rocco Ambrose and the Wing Chun Do Association are committed to delivering the core principles that made Bruce Lee the most celebrated martial arts figure of all time, and in addition, a lifestyle that promotes health, growth and the positive personal development of the individual. Sijo James DeMile and Sigung Rocco Ambrose continue to impart, to Association members, their own personal skills and methods in the areas of: technique, philosophy and history of the art, as well as self-defense and sport application. Sigung Rocco Ambrose’s rank is certified (as will yours) by Sijo James W. DeMile and the Wing Chun Do Association (the official governing body of the art/science of the Wing Chun Do Gung Fu system).

Congratulations! This is your opportunity to become affiliated with some of the greatest martial art/self-defense instructors in the world. So, submit the Contact Form below and get started today!


The mission of the Wing Chun Do Association is to inspire and facilitate personal growth and positive change in each individual student;  to help spread awareness of the art and science of Wing Chun Do Gung Fu; to perpetuate the legacy of Bruce Lee around the world and to provide the opportunity for Associate and Affiliate members to reach their full potential through two types of Membership.

Benefits include...

1. As an Associate Member student:

  • the opportunity for personal growth, health and personal safety through mastery of the art of Wing Chun Do
  • access to a library of video learning tutorials at Wing Chun Do University
  • email support
  • rank certification and registry - and more
  • access to James W. DeMile's on-line Personal Developmental courses

2. As an Affiliate Member Instructor, i.e. Affiliate Academy:

  • the opportunity to join in our mission and help spread the benefits of Wing Chun Do Gung Fu to new members around the world
  • access to an expanded library of video learning tutorials (tailored to instructors) at Wing Chun Do University
  • email support
  • live video discussions
  • rank certification and registry - and more
  • access to James W. DeMile's on-line Personal Developmental courses

Affiliate Membership

If you already own a studio or academy and would like to add Wing Chun Do to your list of credentials, or if you wish to start a new Wing Chun Do Affiliate Academy, here is a great opportunity to add this exemplary art to your school's list of services and offerings. You'll receive access to a library of video tutorials (available for download or streaming). You'll also receive a fully-codified written curriculum with supporting charts, graphics and syllabus.  You will also be eligible to attend both group and individual training camps. 

Your request to become an Affiliate Member expresses your desire to learn and spread the art and science of Wing Chun Do to your students and instructors. Click on the Contact Us button and fill out the form below to get more information regarding how you can become part of the Wing Chun Do family of Expert Instructors.


Ambrose Academy of Wing Chun Do, Livonia, MI

James Calvin: Fredericksburg,VA

Brett MacNeil: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Doug Tritton: Brisbane, Australia

Pete Jay: Crow's Roost - Seattle, WA

John MacKenzie: Seattle, WA

William Ortner: Livonia, MI

Welcome to our newest Affiliate Instructor-In-Training Jeff Blanton!


Associate Membership

You've always wanted the opportunity to learn about Wing Chun Do and the benefits this unique art has to offer. As an Associate Member you will learn and train using our video tutorials (available for download or streaming). You'll also receive a fully codified written curriculum with supporting charts, graphics and syllabus. Create a club of like-minded individuals to train and practice together as part of the Wing Chun Do community of martial artists. Then, video test and receive rank certification. You'll also be invited to the annual Instructor/Student Training/Ranking Camp. Click on the Contact Us button and fill out the form below to get more information regarding how you can become part of the Wing Chun Do family. Join today!

Current Associate Members

  • David Ambrose: New Orleans, LA
  • James Calvin: Fredericksburg, VA
  • Jeffrey Maletz: Dearborn, MI
  • Julie Nguyen: Bowie, MD
  • Paul Smith: Livonia, MI
  • Ben Willis: Stafford, VA
  • John Stonehouse: Yorkshire, England
  • Albert Bryant: Toledo, OH

Welcome to our newest member! - Robert Hampton: Prairie du Sac, WI

Become a Patron!

So, you’re not quite ready to enroll in a Wing Chun Do program but you want to show your support for the ideals and goals of Wing Chun Do. Why not become a Patron? For just $30 per year you can become a sustaining member and help the WCD Association fulfill its mission to provide guidance in the areas of personal growth and development and harmony of mind and body. In return for your support, you will receive an ID card confirming your membership and access to James W. DeMile’s on-line Personal Developmental courses. Plus, if you join by June 30, 2018 we’ll reduce your annual renewal rate to just $20. That’s a 33% savings. So, join today and experience some of the many benefits that WCD has to offer! Simply fill out and submit the form below.

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Wing Chun Do University

Turning Martial Art into Martial Science

Welcome to Wing Chun Do University! In response to a number of recent appeals, Sigung Rocco Ambrose, inheritor of the Wing Chun Do Gung Fu system is proud to announce the opening of Wing Chun Do University, an on-line Extension Learning Program. This program has been  formulated to provide the opportunity for motivated martial artists, anywhere in the world, to learn and possibly teach this unique facet of the Bruce Lee legacy.

Here’s how WCDU works. Enroll in the program and we’ll send you documents and video of the first tutorial for Level 1 Basics. Review the information, practice the techniques presented and attend the monthly video workshops. When you are ready to test, simply upload, to our Dropbox account, a video of yourself demonstrating the material or you can schedule a video test on Google Hangouts or Skype, etc. Upon successful completion of the test you will receive access to the next tutorial and so on. Once you have completed all of the tutorials for a given rank/level, you will receive your rank sash and certificate and advance to the next level. It’s just that simple. 

There are two categories of participation: Associate Student or Affiliate Instructor/Academy. Read more...

Members in both categories will receive:

  • Access to a library of support materials including a fully-codified written curriculum
  • Access to downloadable/streamable video learning tutorials (Examples below)
  • Live video workshops
  • The official Wing Chun Do logo-banner and patches
  • The opportunity to qualify for Student certifiation (refer to the Associate page)
  • Access to annual Instructor/Student Training Camps
  • The opportunity to receive Instructor Certification (refer to the Affiliate page)

learning Tutorials

As an Associate Student or an Affiliate Instructor, you will have access to downloadable video learning tutorials. The following tutorial is part of the Basics Series. It is an example of what you can expect of each and every tutorial in the series. The tutorials are comprehensive, easy to understand and offer a good foundation and knowledge base to start your journey as a Wing Chun Do Student or Instructor.

Free offer -  Basics learning Tutorials

We believe so firmly in the quality of our instruction tutorials that we are giving you, free of charge, access to a few tutorials from the Wing Chun Do Basics Series . These tutorials offer explanations of some of the core concepts which are the basis of Wing Chun Do and illustrate the level of clarity and detail you'll experience as a member of the Wing Chun Do Association. We are confident that you will find these and all of our video tutorials to be effective tools  for learning Wing Chun Do.  

Basics Tutorial one- Alive vs at rest stances 

The essence of non-telegraphic motion / The logic and science of the two stances of Wing Chun Do

Basics Tutorial Two - Blocking vs. Clearing the Perimeter

Economy of motion / The science of reducing your reaction time

Here is a montage of subjects covered in the program, as well as  a few choice topics to be discussed by Sijo James DeMile.