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An open letter from the Wing Chun Do Association

Let me begin by stating that, as inheritor of this unique martial art system, I am grateful for having received the opportunity (over the past 30 years) to learn from Bruce Lee’s most analytical student.  In the mid-seventies, spurred by popular demand, James W. DeMile examined every aspect of his experiences with Bruce; analyzed every element, confirmed the science and codified it into a teachable format. Over the years, we, the Instructors of the Wing Chun Do Association have continued to refine its hierarchical curriculum, ensuring that Wing Chun Do is accessible to everyone regardless of age, size or physical condition. At the same time, we have also created an comprehensive program for creating effective, knowledgeable, highly-qualified instructors.

So, here’s the thing…

Regarding the Wing Chun Do Association’s Instructor-In-Training (IIT) Program, I understand there could be reluctance to join a program without having experienced the product and the process. It is difficult to commit yourself (and your hard earned money) to an unfamiliar project. However, those who have participated have been rewarded far beyond their expectations. Decades after his death, Bruce Lee’s popularity is still universal within the martial art community – resulting in a viable market world-wide. Since 1988, the Wing Chun Do IIT Program has been turning out successful instructors and it is the mission of the Wing Chun Do Association to expand our network of schools through which we may continue to share this unique aspect of Bruce’s legacy with the world. To that end, we have created a comprehensive training system which produces highly qualified, detail-oriented teachers who possess every detail of this modern martial art system. In addition to the comprehensive conceptual and physical training, the program also offers insights into the art of teaching Wing Chun Do, providing advice from our network of highly successful instructors.

While it is true that ten thousand dollars is a substantial investment, it is an investment in your future. The fee charged for the IIT Program is equivalent to one month’s revenue from a working Wing Chun Do school – one month! What’s more, the program is structured such that, in a surprisingly short time, the funds can be collected from your students. With dedication, an IIT can be teaching and testing students after six months. The choice is simple! If you are looking to upgrade or expand your existing school, or if you are longing for a financially and emotionally rewarding career change, the Wing Chun Do IIT Program is a viable option for you.

To make the decision even easier, we are offering to let you try the program as a student before you commit to the IIT program. You simply pay the student fee of four hundred dollars for the basics program and begin your training and testing. Once you experience our method and determine to upgrade to the IIT Program, we will apply the Student fee you’ve already invested, to the down-payment for your instructor training. It is a win-win for everyone!


Rocco Ambrose (Wing Chun Do inheritor, grandmaster, director of instructor training)